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We proudly serve Diplomático Rum and Prosecco Zonin

Signature Cocktails

MOJITO ROYALE Diplomatico Planas Rum, Chambord. lime j... 14 MOJITO ROYALE - Gusto Ristobar
SOLERA OLD FASHIONED Classic Old Fashioned with ZACAPA RUM, s... 19 SOLERA OLD FASHIONED - Gusto Ristobar
PISTACCHIO MAI TAI Rum Santa Teresa 1796, Grand Marnier, Pi... 14 PISTACCHIO MAI TAI - Gusto Ristobar
GUSTO MARTINI Vanilla Vodka, Coconut Rum, Pineapple Ju... 14 GUSTO MARTINI - Gusto Ristobar
WHITE COSMO Vodka, St Germain, Lime Juice, White Cra... 14
POMPEMLO Bombay Saphire, Aperal, Grape Fruit, Lem... 14 POMPEMLO - Gusto Ristobar
PAINKILLER Cocktail made with Diplomatico Planas Ru... 14 PAINKILLER - Gusto Ristobar
RODRIGO Bourbon Whisky, Amaretto, Mango Juice, L... 14 RODRIGO - Gusto Ristobar

Classic Cocktails

SERVIENTREGA ENTREGA SEGURA Classic Diplomatico Exclusiva Rum & Coke... 12
BELLINI A Bellini is a cocktail made with Prosec... 12
KIR ROYALE French cocktail made with of créme de ca... 12
BOULERVADIER Bourban whisky, Campari, Vermouth rosso 12
NEGRONI Italian cocktail, made of gin, vermouth... 12
APEROL SPRITZER Aperol spritz the fizzy soda and prosecc... 12 APEROL SPRITZER - Gusto Ristobar
CAMPARI SRPITZER The Campari Spritz is the predecessor of... 12
OLD FASHIONED The Old Fashioned cocktail is old school... 12
WHISKY SOUR Scotch whisky, lemon juice, honey syrup 12
AMARETTO SOUR Amaretto, simple syrup, and lemon juice,... 12
MARGARITA A Margarita is a cocktail consisting of... 12 MARGARITA - Gusto Ristobar
COSMOPOLITAN Coktail made with vodka, triple sec, cra... 12
MARTINIS (Regular, Dry, Xdry, Perfect, Dirty of F... 12
MULES (Regular, Passion fruit, Raspberry, Blac... 12 MULES - Gusto Ristobar